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  • How do I order?
    To place an order, text 226-773-1561 with : 1) a picture of your photo ID (all info can be covered EXCEPT for name, photo & date of birth) 2) The address you want it delivered to (must be a residence, no hotels / motels / schools / dorms / public places / parking lots / work sites / job sites, etc.) 3) Your full order
  • How do I pay?
    We are cash only, please let us know at the time of ordering if you will need any change from the driver.
  • My phone can't text pictures / I'm having issues sending the photo, what do I do?"
    Simply let us know that you are having issues sending the photo so that you are going to email it instead and let us know when it has been sent. The email is
  • Do I have to send photo ID every time I order?
    No, we ask for ID for first time orders. After that the only time you may be asked for photo ID is if you haven't ordered in a long amount of time (our system does auto sweeps after a certain amount of time) or if you're ordering off a new phone number. If you are just ordering off a new number we can do our best to search the ID by the old phone number if able to give it to us.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    We currently deliver to Windsor, Ontario and it's surrounding areas! Aren't sure if we deliver to you? Just ask.
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    There is NO delivery fee WITHIN our Windsor boundaries, if you fall outside of those boundaries there will be a delivery fee applied based on your exact location.
  • Is there an order minimum?
    Yes, we have a $50 order minimum (before delivery fees, if any).
  • Why aren't you answering my phone calls / emails?
    We do not accept phone calls, as advertised repeated phone calls will be warned by text and then blocked if continued. As for emails we do not check them constantly so we do not take orders through them for that reason. You must text us.
  • What happens to my information?
    Your photo ID stays in the conversation for 30 days before simply showing a "blank file" on our end (enough to indicate to us that we have seen your ID). As for your name / email / phone number, that information is simply for our company to be able to stay in contact with you and update you with new deals! (With Weedmaps possibly coming to a near end, we want to stay connected with our loyal customers)
  • Is there contactless dropoff?
    If you live in a residence that has an easily accesible mailbox at the front, we can offer a contactless drop off. We would have you leave the money (preferably in an envelope / bag of some sort) in mailbox when we let you know we are close & upon arrival driver would swap it out for you.
  • What does signing up do?
    Gets you first hand access at our new products, deals and promos! As we are just starting out this site, as we grow our members, more will be done with the community. We want to give back in any way we can to our loyal customers!
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We are open everyday from 12pm-10pm, there will be days where we may have to close early or close all together as things do happen. If that is the case we will notify you and arrange for a delivery the next day if you still want it.
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